Scientific research

Scientific research

The reach of our network on the ground gives us the chance to embark on effective awareness and fundraising campaigns with the public, most importantly to support scientific research into serious diseases.


As a historical partner of AIRC (17 years in 2016), Sisal offered AIRC access to its retail network once again in 2016, in order to collect donations to support research in the fight against cancer in women. A total of €26,950 was raised.


“Pink is Good” - Veronesi Foundation

For the sixth year running, Sisal has promoted the “Pink is good” initiative across its network to support scientific research in the fight against breast cancer.A total of €11,675 was raised in 2016.


#presente Telethon

Now in the 12th year of its partnership with Telethlon, Sisal continued in 2016 to support the Foundation’s #presente initiative to raise funds for scientific research in the fight against rare genetic illnesses. A total of €13,950 was raised in 2016.

Finally, Sisal employees also made their own contribution to scientific research and at Easter set up a stand to sell fair trade chocolate Easter eggs and so raise funds for the Italian association for the Fight Against Neuroblastoma and childhood cancer, with a special focus on brain tumours.


Fondazione ItaliaCamp

A founding member of Fondazione ItaliaCamp, Sisal promotes social innovation initiatives and plays a frontline role in providing support for training new individual and collective leaders who work in real terms for the good of the country, by promoting ideas that focus on the public.
This year Sisal’s partnership with ItaliaCamp saw us involved in particular in the creation of a model of strategic interaction between the public sector, business and the third sector, with the aim of generating initiatives that have an economic impact and produce social innovation in the country.



Manifesta 12

Sisal Group is proud to be Main Partner of Manifesta 12, a long-term project to promote the value of contemporary art and culture in Italy, in line with the Group’s mission to support talent and innovation.

Il Piccolo Teatro

Since 2009, Sisal has been offering the Piccolo Teatro di Milano its support for initiatives that provide opportunities to meet cultural leaders.


In Sisal, sport rhymes with fun and fair play. The positive values associated with sport are the same on which Sisal built its development programme for local initiatives.