Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

As central aspects of our sustainability commitment, we pledge to protect, respect and care for our consumers.

The Responsible Gaming Programme

Our Responsible Gaming Program is a central element of our strategy. We are committed to ensuring the protection of our customers, especially the most vulnerable, through educational initiatives, with the aim of promoting responsible gambling behaviours.

Education for balanced and aware gambling

To guarantee the highest protection for our players across all of our online and offline channels we provide coordinated educational and informative programs for a safe and balanced gambling experience. 

Player protection

We ensure transparency and safety for our players across all gaming channels, by identifying potentially problematic behaviours and implementing preventive actions to protect players and prevent underage gambling.

Protection of vulnerable players

We provide support, guidance, and protection to problematic players.

Over the last 10 years, Sisal has obtained distinctive Responsible Gaming certifications in line with the most rigorous international standard.
Since 2010, our Responsible Gaming Program is audited via an independent certification process every 3 years that verifies Sisal's commitment to planning, developing and implementing the highest international standards on responsible gaming.

The international reference standards are:

EUROPEAN LOTTERIES (EL), an independent association that unites European state lotteries and gaming organisations, committed to tackling illegal gambling and guaranteeing sustainable gaming;

WORLD LOTTERY ASSOCIATION (WLA), an organisation that represents the main gaming organisations worldwide and supports the activities of its certified members, requiring a strong commitment to guarantee the highest standards of corporate responsibility, upholding in particular the responsible gaming principles.


The 10 rules for the responsible player

The 10 Rules for the Responsible Player were written with the support of experts and disseminated online and in our network's retail outlets.

Responsible Communication

Sisal is aware of the impact that incorrect communication can have on the general public. 

Play safe

The fight against illegal gaming is a fundamental commitment in Sisal’s sustainability strategy.