Supplier collaboration

Supplier collaboration

The evolution of the gaming market has led to a diversification of our business and to the introduction of a process of continuous identification and contracting of new suppliers to ensure that our services are even more complete and secure.

Guaranteeing continuous service innovation and value creation across the supply chain requires the establishment and maintenance of relationships and direct, transparent dialogue with numerous commercial partners, always aiming for full compliance with the regulatory requirements specific to the gaming industry and the full satisfaction of stakeholder expectations.

This collaboration enables us to manage and minimise business risks while optimising products and services.
Suppliers that are in direct contact with end consumers and have a direct impact on the quality management system undergo quality checks designed to assess their performance and identify opportunities for improvement with a view to joint growth.
Specifically, the quality control procedure includes:
  • an assessment of the compliance of tools, materials, services and performance levels with the requirements stipulated in contracts and orders;
  • half-yearly analysis and monitoring of any discrepancy between agreed service levels (Service Level Agreement - SLA) and services received.
All suppliers are contractually obliged to comply with the rules and principles of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which we have introduced pursuant to D.Lgs. 231/01 to ensure that the needs of the company and its end consumers are always satisfied in terms of quality, costs and delivery times.

Our categories of suppliers:
  • Game terminals
  • Game materials
  • Logistics and transport services
  • HW installation and maintenance services
  • Call centre services
  • Media, events, marketing, creativity and market research
  • Voice communication and data transmission services
  • Hardware and software
  • Gaming platform providers
  • Consulting services and professional services
  • Restructuring contracts
  • Personal services and services for buildings and points of sale
  • Food & beverage
  • Sisal Television.

Points of sale

The Group operates through a distribution network consisting of 48,342 retail points, split into two brick-and-mortar channels: Branded and Affiliated. The Sisal network offers the Group’s full range of gaming products and services for the public.

2019 Sustainability Report


Community support

In 2009, Sisal’s commitment to Social Sustainability produced a long-term Community plan in which a fundamental role is played by planning and the realisation of projects on a joint basis with qualified partners.