Engagement at all levels

Engagement at all levels

How? By listening, involvement and planning initiatives together to define a project’s guidelines.

Listening to people means understanding their needs: with a direct and immediate approach (structured surveys, instant surveys, workshops...) we collect the different needs and are able to elaborate and design proposals that are concretely feasible.

The engagement of Sisal people takes place at all levels. Our cross-functional teams work on transversal projects and, thanks to the different skills and professionalism of the people who work together, they achieve circumscribed results in a defined time frame; this amplifies the exchange of ideas and creates an environment of dialogue aimed not only at business objectives but also at the well-being of the company.

Working on common projects, even beyond one's professional role, allows one to develop a collaborative approach and to create initiatives that have a shared meaning.

In addition, those who wish can become Ambassadors for the project, representing all interested colleagues.

  • 1 team of Smart Tutors, to support the work of colleagues in smart-working mode
  • 1 team of Ambassadors for volunteering (Will)
  • 1 team of Brand Ambassadors, promoters of the Sisal brand 
  • 1 team of Be Digital Ambassadors, with the role of promoting the development of digital soft skills
  • 1 team of Ambassadors over 50 (Welfare&Talents)
  • 1 team of Mentors (Skillgym)
Ruggero Dadamo, Direttore HR Sisal,durante l'evento per presentare la nostra palestra digitale per le soft skill.
Con Will abbiamo portato in campo il volontariato d’impresa.
Sisal Play Cup
L’iniziativa ha coinvolto 16 squadre, in rappresentanza dei diversi team dell’azienda.