SisalPay at SMAU Milano 2018: digital retail with Bill and EasyCassa

SisalPay attended SMAU this year to present two important novelties: two new products that embody the innovation the brand wants to bring to new business areas. It springs from a new, strategic approach based on open innovation, in which SisalPay is investing heavily, leveraging its new digital skills and payments world expertise. That is why new organisational structures have been set up specifically to handle these business areas, leading to the creation and launch of the first big novelty, the Bill app. This smartphone-based payment app launched on September 24 this year offers consumers with a smartphone a convenient and simple way to make payments.

Bill promotes relations with our customers, who we work with on an intimate and ongoing basis through SisalPay, providing them with an innovative tool that establishes our presence on the digital payments market. Bill brings a streamlined and extremely simple customer experience to making payments at points of sale, plus bonuses and promotions for consumers: a welcome bonus of €5 when you register to use the app and a cashback function, or practically everything a customer needs to have an immediate return on the use of Bill.

The app isn’t only convenient and simple, featuring an intriguing customer experience and usability, but also very useful on the merchant’s side, i.e. the other fundamental link in the chain. Merchants can accept payments made with Bill using a simple and secure acceptance procedure that runs either directly on their cash register or on a merchant-only app.

These payments also incur a very low cost for merchants, because the financial conditions we offer today are some of the most beneficial on the digital payments market. Bill is also extremely secure, because it’s based on a direct link with the consumer’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This not only ensures security, but also ongoing wallet replenishment, because entering a credit card number is no longer necessary. It also offers a simple way to manage expenditure: by setting up a weekly budget, consumers can monitor their payments, with a focus on those made during the week.

It is important for SisalPay to support digital transformation. In this sense, our exclusive cash replenishment function for consumers’ wallets has been created to close the gap between customers and the digital world, supporting the growing use of the latest secure digital payment systems.

With these features, we express the values espoused by the SisalPay brand to their full advantage: security, convenience and speed.



Halajie Barjie
PR & Media Relation Coordinator