Play Safe

Play Safe

The fight against illegal gaming represents a fundamental commitment in Sisal’s sustainability strategy.

We believe that the commitment to fight against illegal gambling is an integral part of acting responsibly, and we have adopted multiple strategies and policies aimed at protecting the player first and foremost. We work alongside trade associations and local authorities to create increasingly effective projects in the fight against illegal gambling, analyzing and monitoring potential risks for the territory. In particular, it is through collaboration with the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the regulatory body of the sector, that we can guarantee the protection of customers, as well as the safety and transparency of the instruments and the gaming offer.

Sisal works in three main areas:

Action in local areas
Local area initiatives have the main aim of lobbying the Regulatory Authority on the need for uniform, binding rules for Regional Administrations and Local Authorities. The issues regarded as most in need of regulation concern the impact on society and the healthcare system of gaming legislation at national, regional and municipal level and the protection of vulnerable people by upgrading prevention and control tools and the introduction of forms of dissuasion and limitation of gaming products.

The fight against illegal gambling
The fight against illegal gambling involves three lines of action:


  • the study and analysis of the so-called “parallel gaming network”;
  • intensifying education initiatives on the subject of legal and responsible gaming;
  • strict monitoring of anti money-laundering procedures.

For Sisal, one of the most important lines of action is the fight against match-fixing, which feeds the gambling black market.

Strengthening checks and prohibition af gaming for children
Compliance with the total ban on gambling for children is a fundamental pillar of Sisal’s commitment to promoting aware and responsible gaming. Children need strict controls and the company is involved on an ongoing basis in the construction of digital security systems and the development of technology and tools to prevent access to online gaming products for people other than adult Italian citizens with a valid tax code.


The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.

The Anti Money-Laundering Function

In 2013, Sisal formalised the company’s anti money-laundering function by creating a dedicated role in the organisation.

Ensure the security of systems and platforms

We use cutting-edge technologies that ensure safe gaming and child and age restrictions.