The Anti Money-Laundering Function
The Anti Money-Laundering Function
In 2013, Sisal formalised the company’s anti money-laundering function by creating a dedicated role in the organisation.

The main tasks of the Anti Money-Laundering function are to:

  • suitably identify and verify customer profiles by applying particularly strict procedures (for transactions over €1,000 in particular);
  • establish the Archivio Unico Informatico (AUI - Unique Digital Archive), in which to record and store identification data and other information about relations and transactions;
  • send aggregate data to the Financial Information Unit and flag any suspicious transactions;
  • establish internal control measures and ensure adequate employee training.

The development of anti money-laundering legislation has given Sisal another important institutional stakeholder, the Bank of Italy, and specifically the Financial Information Unit (UIF), which is charged with fighting money-laundering and the funding of terrorism


Main activities in 2016
Gaming industry

  • Review and updating of anti money-laundering procedures for the Retail Betting, ADI-VLT and Online Gaming business lines;
  • finalisation of the Key Risk Indicator, for the purpose of identifying anomalous operations that may give rise to suspicious transaction reports;
  • provision through the e-learning platform of anti money-laundering training for all point of sale staff and Sisal Entertainment’s own human resources;
  • finalisation of compliance sheets for VLT corners and rooms, as well as for direct agencies and Sisal Matchpoint partners;
  • introduction of antiterrorism/compliance controls for winners over the registration threshold (Betting and VLT) and for the holders of gaming accounts (Online Gaming).
Additional protections for online players
  • Sisal checks the identity of its Customers when they first register for an account (by filling out the registration form) and on completion of the process;
  • within 30 days, all players must send us a copy of the front/back of an identity document;
  • gaming Accounts for which the relative documentation is not received within 30 days are suspended;
  • duplicate registrations are not permitted. The system always checks that the tax code and personal details are unique.

Anti money-laundering legislation documents
Gaming is a problem?
The first step towards responsible, balanced gaming is an awareness of one’s own approach to it.
Fighting fraud
Match-fixing is one of Sisal’s main targets in the fight against illegal gaming.
Platform security
In order to ensure that the gaming environment is safe and secure, Sisal continues to develop tools to fight any fraudulent use of personal and credit card information.