10 rules for the Responsible Player

10 rules for the Responsible Player

The 10 rules for the Responsible Player, which have been prepared with the help of experts and can be found online and at Sisal points of sale, help players adopt an aware approach to gaming and gambling.

Mr. Smart, the main character in the web series, experiences the exaggerated and tragicomic consequences of irresponsible gaming and gambling, as well as reaping the benefits of an aware and balanced approach.

Here are the rules for the responsible player:

1. Gambling is a way for me to have fun, not to make money.
Episode:  Eros: Only gamble to have fun

2. Before gambling I decide how much money I want to spend. I don’t play with money I need for my everyday life and only use amounts I can afford to lose.
Episode: The bicycle: Only gamble amounts you can afford.

3. I don’t borrow money to gamble. If I lose I accept the loss as the cost of having fun. I don’t add more money to recover my losses.
Episode: The knife thrower: Don’t borrow money to gamble.

4. Tactics are pointless, I can’t predict the results and I’m aware that the probability of winning is low.
Episode: Mum’s cake: Don’t interpret everything that happens as a tip.

5. I don’t lie about how much I spend and lose when I gamble.
Episode: The mechanic: Don’t lie about how much you spend on gambling.

6. I decide how much of my day to devote to gambling and I don’t have any trouble stopping or taking breaks.
Episode: Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse: Decide how much time to devote to gambling.

7. Gambling isn’t my only leisure activity and it doesn’t encroach on the time I devote to my family, friends, sport and hobbies.
Episode: The mother-in-law: Don’t neglect your family and friends.

8. I don’t gamble after drinking or taking drugs.
Episode: Inga: Don’t gamble after drinking.

9. I don’t gamble when I feel lonely. I don’t gamble when I feel depressed and I don’t feel depressed if I don’t gamble.
Episode: The birthday: Don’t gamble when you feel lonely.

10. I don’t think about gambling repeatedly throughout the day, even if I’m not playing.
Episode: The jockey’s diet: Don’t think about gambling repeatedly.


The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.

Play safe

The fight against illegal gaming is a fundamental commitment in Sisal’s sustainability strategy.

Tips for player

Being a responsible player means being aware of and informed about how games are played. Sisal guarantees transparency and provides supporting information through a series of questions and answers.