Tips for player

Tips for player

Being a responsible player means being aware of and informed about how games are played. Sisal guarantees transparency and provides supporting information through a series of questions and answers designed to help people approach the world of gaming in a safe and protected way.

Question: Can lucky charms and superstitious rituals improve my cances of winning?
Answer: No. The outcome of game play never depends on superstitious rituals performed while playing. The probability of winning is always the same. When you play, the outcome never depends on whether or not you feel lucky.

Question: Is the outcome of a game influenced by the outcome of previous games?
Answer: No. The outcome of each game is an independent event and never depends on the outcome of previous games. There is the same probability of winning or losing in every new game.

Question: Are some slot machines luckier than others?
Answer: No. All slot machines work on a totally random basis.

Question: Are SuperEnalotto lucky draws subject to effective, transparent controls?
AnswerYes. SuperEnalotto lucky draws are regulated by an extremely strict procedure supervised by a special Lucky Draw Committee made up of representatives of Sisal, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, consumers’ association Codacons and the Tax Police. In addition, lucky draws are open to the public (they take place in Rome) and can be viewed in all Sisal points of sale and on the website.

Question: Does continuing to play over and over again, particularly when you come close to winning, improve your chances and make it more likely you’ll recoup the money you’ve spent?
AnswerNo, the outcome of each game is completely independent of the previous ones. The probability of winning doesn’t change over time.

Question: Do knowledge and skill contribute to increasing the possibility of winning in games of chance?
Answer:  No. In games of chance, a player’s skill cannot have any influence over the outcome. Tactics and strategies are all meaningless.

Questions and answers about online gaming

Question: Is it possible to intentionally force a break in the connection when a player is winning?
AnswerNo. The gaming programs on the Sisal platform are certified in compliance with the principles of transparency and fairness during the performance of the operations required by law.
In addition, we refund all losses resulting from any disconnection caused by our systems.

Question: Does the probability of winning depend on the cyclic nature of games?
AnswerWinning and losing isn’t cyclic because all game plays are generated by a certified Random Number Generator (RNG).

Question:You come across some sensational hands online that you don’t see in live play.
AnswerUpsets and unexpected outcomes are also a feature of live play. Look what happened here!

Question: Is there a correlation between withdrawals and losing, or vice versa?
AnswerThere is no correlation between deposits/withdrawals and winning/losing. All game plays are generated by a certified RNG.

Question: In Live Casino games, how can the card be displayed on the screen at the same time as it is being dealt from the shoe?
Answer:The card pulled from the dealing shoe is displayed immediately on the screen with the help of a scanner on the table.


The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.

Play safe

The fight against illegal gaming is a fundamental commitment in Sisal’s sustainability strategy.
Mr Smart is the web serie on responsible gaming, created by Sisal.