Responsible Communication

Responsible Communication

Sisal is aware of the impact that incorrect communication could have on the general public. That is why the company places great importance on the development of advertising messages that are responsible, correct and sensitive, both internally and at gaming system level.

At corporate level, Sisal has introduced Guidelines for the Development of Advertising Campaigns, an internal procedure addressed to regulating verification and approval activities at Group level for its communication campaigns, in such a way as to ensure compliance with rules and regulations on responsible gaming materials.

In addition, since 2014, Sisal has commissioned third party auditing to verify that its communications comply with provisions on the protection of children.

More than internal policies: Sisal organises training courses on an ongoing basis for partner communication agencies about responsible gaming issues, with the aim of keeping them up-to-date on new regulations and limitations and so making sure they work in line with applicable standards of correctness and responsibility.  

Collaboration with the Advertising Self-Regulatory Institute - IAP
At gaming system level, Sisal maintains regular relations with the industry’s regulatory institutions and bodies, with a view to the development of increasingly stringent rules to protect consumers.

One of Sisal’s most important partners in this area is the Italian Advertising Self-Regulatory Institute, with which in 2015 it defined a regulatory framework (the “Guidelines for the Commercial Communication of Games with Cash Prizes") that is more systematic and stringent on game advertising for operators, but able to ensure better protection for consumers and give them a greater awareness of their rights.

In 2016, these industry regulations were further strengthened by the entry into force of the Legge di Stabilità [Stability Law], which as well as establishing parameters and limitations on gaming very similar to those envisaged by the IAP Code, also introduced a ban on broadcasting advertisements for games with cash prizes between 7am and 10pm, every day, during general interest radio and television programmes.

The Responsible Gaming Programme

The programme was introduced with the aim of building a shared model of safe and responsible gaming that focuses on the prevention of gambling problems.
Mr Smart is the web serie on responsible gaming, created by Sisal.

Protection of Minors

Sisal has an ongoing commitment to protecting children and always contributes to initiatives and technology addressed to achieving this goal.