Protection of minors

Protection of minors

Sisal has an ongoing commitment to protecting children and always contributes to initiatives and technology addressed to achieving this goal.

Brick and mortar channel
Sisal has instructed the sales network not to accept any gambling requests from young people under 18 years of age. In the event of any doubt as to the age of a customer, staff must ask for an ID document. In all areas devoted exclusively to gaming and on all gaming and point of sale dressing materials, stickers prohibiting entry and gambling for minors under 18 years of age are mandatory and must be clearly displayed at all entrances to the establishment, together with the wording “Gambling is prohibited for minors and may cause addiction”.

Online channels
One aspect of our digital security work involves the implementation of technology and tools to prevent children from gaining access to online gaming products.
Sisal has implemented a series of controls in the registration process for a gaming account that apply real time checks to personal details (including date of birth and tax code). Any applicant who is not an adult Italian citizen with a valid tax code is denied entry.

Sisal is committed in its own sales communications to refrain from mentioning or referring, even indirectly, to people under 18 years of age, in order to eliminate any risk of use and abuse by minors.


Minor and gambling
As well as being prohibited by the law, playing games with cash prizes may also be a dangerous experience for minors, particularly if it is repeated, approved or simply permitted by parents. According to experts from Federserd (the Italian federation of addiction departments and services), the younger people start playing games with cash prizes, the greater the risk that they will develop gambling-related problems.

Alarm Signals
It is important in our everyday lives to be aware of certain behaviour or reactions that may be indicative of contact with games for cash prizes, including:

  • loss of interest in activities and general insatisfaction;
  • mood swings and bad temper;
  • difficulty sleeping;
  • exaggerated and apparently unmotivated euphoria alternating with periods of sadness and solitude;
  • declining performance at school;
  • constant requests for money;
  • changes of habit;
  • withdrawal from other social activities.

Fighting fraud

The match-fixing, or the combined match phenomenon, is one of the most important areas for Sisal in the fight against illegal gaming.

The Anti Money-Laundering Function

In 2013, Sisal formalised the company’s anti money-laundering function by creating a dedicated role in the organisation.

Platform security

In order to ensure that the gaming environment is safe and secure, Sisal continues to develop tools to fight any fraudulent use of personal and credit card information.