VinciCasa is the first game that rewards you with a home. With its unique formula, this lottery game offers consumers a very tangible prize, with the chance to win a home they can choose anywhere in Italy.

they have already been won
The draw is every day at 8.00pm

How to play

VinciCasa is simple to play​: just choose 5 out of 40 numbers at more than 45 thousand Sisal retail

points in neighbourhoods across Italy and online.

It costs €2 to play.

What are the prize categories?

To win you need to guess 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers in the combination drawn.

Guessing all 5 numbers in the combination drawn wins a home + and immediate prize of €200,000. The prize in the top category consists of €500,000, made up of:

  • €200,000 paid immediately in cash, for the winner to use as they wish, no strings attached;
  • the remaining amount can be used to purchase one or more properties in Italy.

The home can be chosen anywhere in Italy, in complete freedom, for a period of up to two years. The winner can purchase one or more properties.


Download the rules from

When do draws take place?

Draws take place every day at 8pm.  



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