Sisal is committed to monitoring the company’s sustainability performance to improve how the company manages social, environmental and economic impacts and to create value for all stakeholders.


Workforce by gender

The total number of employees is 1,872, a sharp rise on 2016 (+5%). The upward trend is particularly evident among women (+8%), who in 2017 represent 42% of the total.

Workforce by category

White collars are the biggest category in the workforce and represent 84% of the total. 44 employees are in protected categories.


Workforce by type of contract

Out of 1,653 employees with open-ended contracts (89% of the total), 84% work full time.


In 2017, outgoing turnover stood at 10%.

New recruits by gender

New recruits by age

Turnover by gender

Turnover by age


Average hours of training by category

Average hours of training by gender


Our Environmental Results

Energy Consumption

Water consumption

GHG emissions reduction (t x CO2)

Total weight of waste (kg)

Mitigation of the environmental impact of products and services


Sustainability report

The Sustainability Report is the most important tool used by Sisal to report transparently to its stakeholders concerning its commitment and the results obtained in the course of Sisal’s social responsibility activities. 

2020 Sustainability Report



Sisal has been reporting on its commitment to sustainability since 2009, and in 2014 it implemented the standards developed by GRI, demonstrating the importance of corporate social responsibility in the framework of the company’s business strategy.